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Temporary Roofing Systems?

Temporary Roofing System

Safe Access Scaffolding provide professional temporary roofing system scaffold solutions across the UK. Call 0333 1234 500

PROFESSIONAL TEMPORARY ROOF SCAFFOLD HIRE Safe Access Scaffolding provide various scaffolding systems for all types of roofing projects. FAST, FRIENDLY & EFFICIENT Call Safe Access Scaffolding for your Free Quote for Local Scaffold Hire. QUALIFIED & INSURED SERVICE Insured against Public Liability up to £10 Million Pounds, Feel Safe with Safe Access Scaffolding. SAS Scaffolding offer temporary roofing systems. We use the latest and most efficient shrink wrapping technology. The shrink wrapped design allows natural light to enter into the site making it a safe working environment. Our temporary roofing system will provide weather protection for any building that needs safeguarding. Temporary roofs are fundamental for the renovation of any type of building, protecting it from weather wearing and the weakening of the buildings structural design. SAS Scaffolding offer temporary roofing protection at low and affordable prices. We can supply various different types of roofing protection. The most cost effective temporary roofing system we offer is traditional corrugated roof sheeting, the type of material we use is lightweight and easy to transport which means we can get the job done quicker and more efficiently. Using a traditional method we like to build the scaffolding to the height of the new roof. We make sure our scaffolding is securely set up so we can safely start the roof protection process. After installing the scaffolding we install purling tubes at the centre of the scaffolding that will support the corrugated roofing sheets. After applying these sheets to our scaffolding we secure the sheets even further so they won’t come loose. For further waterproofing we apply sheets of plastic monaflex, this will provide extra waterproofing to the roof. If we get a job which requires roof a temporary roofing system for a larger building we build this separately and then wheel it into place. After the scaffold is in the correct position we then tie the beams together. When we are satisfied that the structure is secure and safe, we pull a canvas sheet into the runners and over the roof beams thus acting as a weather protecting shield. We use a different material for the larger scale roof protection as it can be acquired in bigger dimensions and can ultimately cover more space, it can extend to the floor if needed. Both solutions are suitable for different types of projects. We offer this service for varied building types such as; churches, cathedrals and building renovations. We are a very experienced team and provide a lot of temporary roofs for homeowners, trade firms and construction companies. We can supply to many areas in the South East of England quickly and effectively including London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire & Cambridgeshire. Do not leave the weather to damage your roof, please call our team of highly skilled scaffolders and we can discuss further what you need. We focus on customer satisfaction and delivering the best service we can, we are happy to provide advice on the type of temporary roof you would need for your property.