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Crash Deck Scaffold Hire?

Crash Decks

Safe Access Scaffolding provide professional crash deck scaffold solutions across the UK. Call 0333 1234 500

PROFESSIONAL CRASH DECK SCAFFOLD HIRE Safe Access Scaffolding provide various scaffolding systems for all types of roofing projects. FAST, FRIENDLY & EFFICIENT Call Safe Access Scaffolding for your Free Quote for Local Scaffold Hire. QUALIFIED & INSURED SERVICE Insured against Public Liability up to £10 Million Pounds, Feel Safe with Safe Access Scaffolding. Crash decks come in useful for a variety of jobs such as providing access; edge protection to internal areas; painting internal reception areas or hallways and to take various loadings. Heavy loads needing a crash deck or birdcage can be designed specifically to take the amount of weight you require. For instance if using crash decks for general edge protection for floor areas and the loadings are 0.75kn per sq meter this is classed as a light duty scaffold designed to be used for a working man with tools. Maximum loads would be 3kn per sq meter and this scaffold is generally used for internal blockwork and heavy duty works. Another usage for the crashdeck is for the redecoration or refurbishment of an internal ceiling area where boarded platforms need to be installed at various levels with a ladder access tower or staircase to enable materials to be brought up to the working area. Construction sites use crashdeck birdcages in internal rooms to provide a safe working area and platform to install flooring joists or roofing trusses. A working area can also be erected in the roof space for the construction of attic trusses with a 2m high scaffold crashdeck positioned underneath this roof truss area so that both a working area and a fall arrest platform are provided whilst construction work is in progress. Crashdeck scaffold can be incorporated into a support scaffold with standard spacings according to the design, with adjustable heads installed to the scaffold to support a roof or truss area as well as providing a working platform. UK Scaffolders is able to provide a full design package for crashdecks under CDM regulations, in accordance with TG20:08 and erected in conjunction with SG4:10 using scaff steps to eliminate WAH during erection procedures. Find out more about our professional specialist scaffolding services and get a free quote today.